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My current problem: I want to talk to someone about my OCs to help me get some ideas on what I should write next to get over writers block but I am too embarrassed to talk to anyone about them so no one knows about them

I told thelightofthingshopedfor a little and she has been trying to help, but she only has general stuff to work with since I won’t give her specifics

In other news, i am a disaster of a human being. I’m going to go look for fanfics where people deal with emotions because I forgot how they work again


dalish inquisitor throwing random elven words into their reports to fuck with their advisors. one of them goes to Solas to get a translation and he looks over it a minute and starts laughing. advisor asks him what he’s laughing at, and solas tells them it isn’t even elvish, it’s just random gibberish with elven accents thrown in.